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Post by forhad725 on Thu Feb 28, 2008 2:25 am

Become a merchant and start earning money!

only is mig33 a fantastic way to save on your phone bills and connect
with other people, it's also a great business opportunity.

becoming a mig33 merchant, you can, like thousands of other users, earn
free credit and make money by promoting mig33 and selling call credits
to other people.

How does it work?

you become a merchant, you receive a discount of up to 30% when you buy
bulk mig33 credits (discount rates start at call credit purchases of
over AUD$100). You can then sell these credits to your friends and
other mig33 users at a profit.

You simply login to your mig33
account on your PC and use the 'Transfer Credit' function to transfer
Credit from your account to theirs. Of course, when they run low and
need to buy more call credits, they can come to you again!

if you wish, you can also convert these credits into vouchers and
prepaid cards to help with bigger sales networks. You can also create
your own vouchers on our website. With these vouchers, you can create
and sell your own prepaid recharge cards.

Who can become a merchant?

need to register to have access to merchant resources. It's simple to
make money from selling mig33 call credits, whether it's just for a
little money on the side, or in growing a big sales network.
A large
number of our merchants are international students, who buy bulk
credits and then distribute them to their friends, and small business
sell to customers. Other merchants include mobile phone distributors
who may preinstall mig33 on the phones they sell, to make them more
attractive to their customers (and when the users run out of mig33
credits, they can buy more for the distributor).

Register now.

Everyday, our growing merchant network partners earn free credit and
make money from distributing mig33 call credits. You too can join them
by registering to become a mig33 merchant partner.

After you
register, you will have access to merchant Resources on our website.
This will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to start, make
sales, tracking/reporting of sales, and making even bigger sales.

To speak about other business ideas, email us.
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