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Post by vampirE on Thu Jan 03, 2008 2:33 pm

Night has end for another day , morning has come in a special way. May you smile like the sunny rays and leaves your worries at the blue blue sky .

A night hug warm the heart , a night kiss brighten the day and a Good Morning to start
your day .

Every sunset gives us one day less to live ! But every sunrise gives us one day more to hope ! So hope for the best .

I was looking out of the windows thinking about the person I care+miss most and the person that came into my mind is you . So, I just want to wish you Good Night !

Every one wants to be the sun that lights up your life . But Id rather be your moon . So, I can shine on you during ur darkest hour when your sun isnt around .

Rich people traveles in cars , poor people traveles in carts and people like you only traveles in my heart .

Kaash kahi aisa hota ke Khudane do dil dete sinemay . Ek tut jata dard mein to taklif na hota jeene mein .

Avgvi n`q GKUv ^c AvQ , mB ^c evm Ki GK my`ix , `LZ hb wVK icK_vi ivRKygvix |
hZ Zvgvi ev_v AvQ AvgvK w`q `vI , wewbgq Avgvi me myL Zzwg bvI| Avwg hZ `ytL _vwK wZ bB Kviv , Avwg PvB myL _vKv Zywg mywL nI Aviv|

God made day lights and called it Sun .God made entertain- ment and called it Fun . God made night lights and called it Moon . God made you and called it Cartoon .

Touch your heart , close your eyes , make a pray , off the lights and say Good Night ! .Parvez

Do you know someone miss you, love you,wait for you? Agree to know who? A monkey in the zoo . .Parvez

World is so nice cause youve came . Year is remarkable in which youve born . Month feels proud for you . This day is unforgettable this is your birthday . .........Parvez

cKwZi gvS cjvg Zvi , Zvi gvS cjvg fvjevmv , fvjevmvi gvS cjvg ^c , ^ci gvS cjvg Avkv , Avkvi gvS cjvg Rxeb , _vKe Zv G Rxeb Avgvi AvRxeb |

ivZ RvMv bxi Nyg G mgq Kb wdi Avm Rxeb Avgvi? mwZiv Kb , Kb AvRv Ku` ej G wKmi Rxeb Avgvi K wbq _vKZ nq , ZvgvK Qvov evuPZ nq?
Kaise bataun tumhe ke mere liye tum kawn ho? Tum mere jeevan ho , mere jaan ho . Tum mere subha ho , sham ho , raat ho . Tumhi mere dilki dharkan , mere dilki har sas ho? Kaise bataun tumhe ke mere liye tum kawn ho?

How can you tell rain not to fall when clouds exist ? Leaves not to fall when wind exist ? How can you tell me not to fall in love when you exist ?

You can fall from the sky , you can fall from a tree . But the best way to fall is in love with me .

There are Tulips in my garden , there are Tulips in the park . But nothing is more beautiful than our Lips meeting in the dark .

Love is like a golden chain that links our hearts together and if you ever break that chain you will break my heart forever .

Zvgvi fvjvevmv cqwQjvg , cqwQjvg Zvgvi gb| ZvgvK nvwiq AvR Avgvi wb^ GB Rxeb| fveZ cvwibv AvR Avwg wnbv Zywg wK fve KvUvQ w`b ivw|

When your lonely heart breaks , dont sit counting your mistakes , dont be wating for your love to come back , dont be wasting time , dont be lost and cry .

If love is water I will give you Ocean . If kisses are spaces I will give you the Universe . If heat was your love and care , how I wish the Sun was beside me .

I love you when you are sad , I love you when you are happy , I love you when you are teasing , I love you when you are laughing , I love you when you are angry , I love you when you love me .

Great passions , my dear dont exist they are lairs fantasies . What do exist are little loves that may last for a short or a longer while .

The essential sadness is to go through life without loving , it is equally sad to go through life without telling the ones who mean the most to you that you love .

When I need you I just close my eyes and Im with you . When I need love I just touch my hands and I feel love .

Love is like war , easy to start , difficult to end , impossible to forget .

Love is a word thats hard to explain , love is a word thats brings joy and pain but love between us is special and a love like this will never end .
Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they will love you back ! Dont expect love in return , just wait for it to grow in heart .

n`q w`q fvjvevwm Zvgvq , fvjvevmev wPivKvj | ZvgvKB PvB Avwg , PvB Zgvi Qvqv | GB Kvj bvcj Zvgvq LyR be civKvj|

I love you . Do you love me? Its you know or God knows , but I know about my heart and brain that is crying every time for you . Dont forget me .

I hide my tears when I say your name , but the pain in my heart is still the same . Although I smile and seems care free, theres no one who loves you more than me !

If you wanna know how much I love you , try to catch rain drops , the ones you catch is how much you love me and the ones fallen is how much I love you .

GK w`b fvjvevmvK ck Kijvg ejvZv Zzwg wK? fvjvevmv Di w`jv Avwg Kviv Rxeb fv` gvm Avevi Kviv Rxeb mebvk| fyj hw` Kwi nqvbv wbivk|

O din thay tum ek pal bhi mujse juda na thay . Keya tum mujhe vhul gaye? Kaha gaye o wade o erade? Phirvhi main tumhe vhula nahi sakta kiunke tum mere dil +jaan se jude ho.

Women are made to be loved not to be understood . So I love you more than I can say .

I love three things ! The sun , the moon and you ! The sun for the day , the moon for the night and you forever !

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired .

The only way to have a friend is to be one and open. The value of a friend can not be measured only treasured. So I will treasure the friendship between us inside my heart as long as the world is alive.

True friendship are not just for a moment , they are timeless , for they are made up of friends , who promise to be together forever. The value of friend can not be measured only treasured .

Your caring and your kindness always mean so much to me that I think about you as a friend whos just like family. When you are with me I feel myself twice as me .

Live a day without work , live a day without money , live a day without food , live a night without dream , but never live a life without friendship .

If friendship is a bond I will give you rope. If friendship is a drop of water I will give you sea. If friendship is a promise I will give you Myself .

No laughter echoed but you know when Im happy. No words uttered but you understand all the said and unsaid. No wonder I feel , Im indeed lucky to have a considerate friend like you .

Some moments never be passed , some feelings never stolen , some memories never be hidden , some words never be kept , some friends like you never be forgotten .

Amar friendship Aromatic soaper moto 100% halal and Gazi plastic tanker moto kokhono tap porbena + moricha dhorbena r jodi dhore chinta nai Romana paint achayna .

`ytL cj mBZ cvi h , cևg cij KBZ cvi h , RxebK fvjvevmZ cvi h , BwZnvm MoZ cvi h , ^c c~iY KiZ cvi h , mB Avgvi ez nBZ cvi i|

Mera deewanapan , deewanegi , mera chain , chahaat , dilki lagi aapki dosti ke liye . Aab to mera dharkanoka hain a erada chahu aapki dosti hadsebhi jayada .

One can care little for man , but we need a friend .Be my friend forever .

A friend is someone who drives away the clouds and brings a smile to our life . They share our joys , sorrows , secrets and triumphs .

Love is the mortar that holds the human structure together .

A bus station is where a bus stops . A train station is where a train stops . On my desk , I have a work station .

Love is a great emotion , that keeps us going strong , I love you with my heart , my body and my soul . I love you the way Ill keep loving you .

Yaar hum tadap rahe hein tere aawaz sunneke liye . Ye main janta ho or dil janta hein ke mere halat kaisa hein tere ek baat sunneke liye .

Morning greetings dont only mean saying Good Morning , it has a silent message saying I remember you when I wake up. Have a nice day !

fvwewb Kvb w`b Avgvi Kgb ne | Avwg GZv bZv nq Kviv KvQ nvZ cvwZwb | hw` Kvb bZyb k kvbvZ cviv Zv kvbvI Avwg Kvb cZ AvwQ , cvY cZ AvwQ |

Animals of a jungle decided to hold a meeting . Lion , Tiger , Elephant and Monkey has come,but the meeting hasnt started . Guess why . Because the Donkey is busy reading this sms !

I love you so deeply , I love you so much , I love you the sound of your voice and the way we touch . I love your warm smile .

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart , and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words .

Youve won my love now I love you . This heart of mine I give to you . So keep it safe as I have done . For you have two and I have none !

Tumhari kahi , nakahi har baatoko hum samajte hain , tumhari dilki har dharkan ko mehsoos hum karte hain . Yaar ki har khushi dost ki khuski .

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out .

Avwg h K Zvgvi Zywg Zv eyS bvI| Avwg wPiw`b ZvgviB _vKev , Avwg Zvgvi Zywg Avgvi| G gb K AvQ cviv hw` Rb bvI| .Joya

Tere labope inker hain , mere labope ekrar hain . Ha yehi to hain sab nishania , ha isika naam hi to pyar hain .

A friend is someone who knows the songs in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words . Have you ever hear it ?

Falling in love when she falls asleep in your arms and wakes up in your dreams ! Good Morning !

O jaane ja , ye such hain ke main aapni mohabbat ka izhar kabhi khulkar na kar saka , magar meri aankhe hamesha meri dilki hallat batati rahe or tu hain ke mujhse bekhabar aaj bhi hain . Meri dilki har dharkan srif tera naam leti hain , srif tera naam .

Chahaa hain tujhko chahaat se jayada , samjha hain tujhko mohabbat se jayada . Ye main janta hu ya dil janta hain .

Avwg hw` cvwL nq Zvgvi n&`q Avwm Avi gayi myI Mvb bvB , Zywg be wK? Zvgvi ^cZ Zywj nvZ Avwg hw` Avwm Zvgvi Qwe AvKuZ , Zywg RvMe wK?

Koi pyar kare to tumse kare , tum jaise ho waise pyar kare , koi tumko badalke pyar kare wo pyar nahi sawda hota hain or saheba pyar mein koi sawda nahi .

"Come and find me. I am living in the dark"

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