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Parvez - 1.4.3

Post by vampirE on Thu Jan 03, 2008 2:35 pm

A friend is never a co-incidence in your life , they are meant to enter your life to bring you joy and laughter . So I will treasure the friendship between us . ……….Parvez

Dost , dost nahi Khuda hota hain . Mehsoos tab hota hain jab wo juda hota hain . Bina dost ki jeena ek saza hota hain , aur dost tum jaisa hoto jeevan main maza hota hain .……….Parvez

To live a life I need heartbeat , to have heartbeat I need heart , to have heart I need happiness , to have happiness I need a friend and to have a friend I need you . ……….Parvez

Open heart receives love , open mind receives wisdom , open hands receives gifts and special people receives sms from me .

Jiske liye humne chordi sari dunia , unhine ilzam humko lagadia , such kehtahu yaaro aab humko kisipe aetbar naraha .

AvR GB bZyb w`‡b , bZyb cyivb ‡jv‡K gv‡S hw` ‡Zvgvi Avgvi K_v bvBev g‡b iq , cy‡iv‡bv ‡mB m„wZ ¸‡jv ‡`‡e cwiPq | ……….Parvez

Chandne shayed kiye honge surajse pyar isiliye chandpe daag hain .Surajne shayed kiye bewafaee isiliye suraj mein aag hain.

Khush hales tumvhi lagteho un murjhe humvhi nahi , janne wale to jaete hain ke tum khush nahi . ……….Parvez

I’m gonna write on all the bricks “ I miss you ” and I wish that one falls on your head so that you know how it hurts when you miss someone . Missing you a lot . ……….Parvez

Once upon a time something happened to me . It was the sweetest thing that ever could be . It was a fantasy , a dream come true , it was the day I met you . ……….Parvez

1 advice = Take care , 1 request = Don’t change , 1 wish = Don’t neglect me , 1 lie = I hate you , 1 truth = I miss you a lot, 1 hope = We’ll be “EVERGREEN FRIENDS”. ……….Parvez

"Come and find me. I am living in the dark"

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